Rhonda's Rainbow Family of Dance


Mission Statement

Rhonda’s Rainbow Family of Dance is an enthusiastic community of swing and line dancers creating and promoting opportunities to dance and physical and mental  fitness. Our motivation is our love of dancing, our desire to dance more, and to share dance with others. We do this by: organizing classes, workshops, dances, practice sessions, and special events in the greater Fayetteville, NC area.

Promoting through our website, word of mouth, email, and distribution of literature any and all swing dance classes, workshops, dances, practice sessions, and special events throughout Fayetteville and outlying regions.

 Classes are open to public and all ages too, both couples and singles. Children are welcome with adequate supervision. You do not need a partner to attend any classes, dances, or workshops

These classes are designed to teach a wide variety of dance styles and techniques to a new age sound! Dances include Swing, Line, Steppin, Ballroom Steppin. Reggae, Latin and more. We invite you to come out and learn these dances along with the sound of today's popular music. Fourth Thursday each month is Celebration of Life where participants bring a covered dish and dance the night away.

Serving the Fayetteville, Pope, Fort Bragg and the surrounding communities. A family tradition and a name you can depend on.


Private lessons:
Consider arranging small classes tailored to your specific needs. You or a group of friends can find a time that suits you, what aspect you want to concentrate on... Want to learn showy figures, concentrate on lead & follow, or maybe navigation? Small classes give you lots of individual attention. You can do one lesson or a series, rotate partners or not. Our affordable price is the best in the Fayetteville area

 No partner needed to participate in the class !!

You are welcome to join us at our Line Dance Workshop Sessons

  If you want to know more about Rhonda’s Rainbow Family of Dance, attending meetings, and taking action to help make our dance community grow and thrive, contact Rhonda at mailto:blondieruru@hotmail.com. or 910-728-7076.


Prescription Eye Class Collection

Please bring any old, good condition prescription eye glasses to class so that we can give them to our family member T, from Taste of West Africa to send to Ghana.

Rhonda's Bio

R    Rhonda "RuRu" Bright’s upbeat personality and instructional style is a combination of extensive experience, dancing skill and a knack for making people feel good. 

     Rhonda said her passion and love for dance originated from her mother and father. "Watching my parents dance was just amazing," said Rhonda. "Seeing how much they loved it really sparked my interest. No matter what was going on and what was wrong, dancing made any situation seem like it was going to work out," said Rhonda.

     Seeing Rhonda on the dance floor confirms her mother's early thoughts about her dancing ability. "My mom said I was a natural," said Rhonda. "I was dancing from the time I could walk." Born in Kentucky, Rhonda began training in dance at a very young age. While she attended Campbell University in Buies Creek, NC, she and her brother William started competing in Latin-style dancing contests and continued to Salsa and Meringue for over 10 years.

     Today, Rhonda maintains the same positive belief about dance and contends that dancing can bring all people together no matter the age, gender, size or race. She believes that dancing keeps you looking and feeling young, it’s great for relieving tension and stress and the best exercise you can get while having fun.  She’s a big advocate for moving the body as a part of healthy living, with this ideal she has a segment in her class called, “Keep it Moving”.  Since starting Rhonda's Rainbow Family of Dance, Rhonda along with the "Family" has taught hundreds through regular classes, special events and workshops. The most popular dance classes can have more than 100 in attendance each week.

     Rhonda has taught many forms of dance throughout her career including Chicago-style stepping, Detroit Ballroom, Hand Dance, Latin Dance, Swing, Hula, African, Praise and Line Dance. She has also choreographed several line dances to some of today's most popular songs from Gospel to R&B to Reggae. She has been featured in World Line Dance Magazine, a national magazine published in England and the Where to Dance website. She was a participate in the Fayetteville Dancing with the Stars in 2010, has been the opening act with her dance family for several concerts, Festival in the Park, Kelly Price and Dave Hollister, Zapp and Shirley Murdock and choreographed a line dance for up and coming R & B singer Eliz Comacho, travel to other cities as a Master Instructor to teach dance, because of her high energy and a big advocate for healthy living and fitness she is always asked to be a part of a lot of health fairs.

     Rhonda is vigilant in supporting her community. She works with at-risk youth, fan drive, coat drive, volunteers once a month at the local homeless shelter to help feed the homeless, visits different rest homes to perform for the elderly and conducts food drives to help the less fortunate. For her efforts, she was awarded The Keepers of The Culture 2013 presented to her  at the annual Red Ball in South Carolina, the Fayetteville - Cumberland County Human Relations Commission Humanitarian Award, Ester Dept and Mary McAllister Individual Award 2010; Cumberland County Care Award by the Mayor and City Council. In May of 2008, she was nominated for the Tom Joyner Morning Show's Hardest Working Person Award. She’s a member of the Order of the Eastern Star.

      Rhonda's positive attitude towards learning and support for those who really want to dance keeps her very busy in Fayetteville as well as throughout NC and beyond.

       The Families motto is “We encourage, not discourage and we are not just a dance class but a family.”

       "If I can get the entire world dancing everything will be fine. Once the music starts no one looks at their differences, it brings everyone together," says Rhonda. 





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